Kit Builder Open Cart

Installing Kit Builder on OpenCart Installing Kit Builder Open Cart

Step 1

Login to the admin area of your Open Cart store, hover over the menu option "Catalog" and select "Information".
Click the images to view a larger copy.

Installing Kit Builder Open Cart - Step 1

Step 2

Click "Insert" in the top right of the list overview.

Kit Builder Opencart - Step 2

Complete the "Information Title" with the page title, on the "Description" field editor click the "Source" button to show the raw HTML view.

Paste your Kit Builder script into this box (Demo code can be found here).

Installing Kit Builder Open Cart - Step 3

Step 3

Now click the "Data" tab near the top of the box. Enter your desired SEO Keyword (URL) and enabled the page.

Remember to click the "Save" button in the top right.

Installing Kit Builder Open Cart - Step 4

Step 4

Visit the new page you have just created, the url should be similar to this:

If you have any issues when inserting the Kit Builder into your Open Cart website please let us know click here. Remember to include as much detail as possible & a link to your website.

Please note you can change the layout of the new page on the "Design" tab.

The new website has just launched!

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